Refresher Brisbane

Refresh your skills and regain confidence on a motorbike!

Our Refresher course is suitable for riders who have not ridden a motorcycle in a while and are looking to come and refresh their skills before heading back out on the road

  • Our trainers will erase any bad habits you may have which will result in you performing manoeuvres correctly and safely. We guarantee our training methods will see your riding and confidence improve immensely.
  • It is also recommended to riders who are going for their (RE O) or (R) class motorcycle licence who have had no formal training, have not ridden a motorcycle in a while or are lacking in confidence

Further Information:

This 2-hour course will allow you to gain confidence on a bike! It has been designed to refresh your current skills on a motorbike

  • Our instructors will teach you simple Top Rider techniques; that are invaluable when learning how to balance a motorcycle, start and stop a motorcycle and use the clutch, gearbox and brakes
  • Our trainers will erase any bad habits you may have, and ensure you know how to ride safely and competently
  • This motorcycle training course consists of a number of manoeuvres and may be followed by a road ride

Please note that this is not a Q-Ride licence course, it is purely a training course

refresher course